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Lovingly helps you get more profitable and direct orders from shoppers who want to buy local in Los Angeles.

Have you found yourself saying “yes” to any of these questions?

Frustrated by Order Gatherers posing as your business to steal customers who should have been yours?

Do you dream of setting your own prices for your art, and getting the full value you deserve?

Tired of bad reviews about your business for orders you never even did?

Ready to get celebrated for the amazing work you do?

Would you like to get new customers who want to send flowers in Los Angeles from a trusted local florist?

Are you sick of working so hard for so little?

If you found yourself nodding along, or shouting “yes!” to any of these questions, then keep reading– this is for you!

There is a better way!

It’s time to put Order Gatherers in their place (OUT of the floral industry), and help shoppers find you.

Because you’re the real deal.

  • You hand-deliver arrangements in Los Angeles
  • You translate emotion into art
  • You make lasting impressions
  • You make moments matter
And we’re a connection point.

We empower local florists by connecting them directly to online shoppers, providing state-of-the-art technology, and only profiting when you do. You might call us the anti-OG.

There’s a better way, with Lovingly!

Make it easy  for consumers to shop local from everywhere.

Get direct orders from shoppers who want to send flowers in Los Angeles

Get profitable prices for your hard work - you set your price

Get new customers (and all their info!) with $250 of online advertising

Ready to see the difference?

What other Lovingly Momentmakers are saying

We’re here for you!

It’s simple: at Lovingly, we value local florists and are invested in your success.

What we say YES to!

  • 100% local florists in US & CA
  •  Fair prices (yours!)
  •  Direct orders with customer data 
  • Showcasing & promoting your art
  •  Creative & financial freedom

Nope, nope, nope!

  • No order Gatherers or Wire Services
  • No discounted orders
  •  No hiding customer information
  •  No pretending to be you
  •  No funny business

Here’s how Lovingly Marketplace helps you attract, guide, and nurture online customers!

Advertising on our budget (not yours)

Advertising on our budget (not yours)

  • $250 limited-time online advertising bonus, directing shoppers to your Marketplace profile
  • Attract new shoppers who’ll become your adoring fans
  • Every order fuels additional advertising budget

Showcase your art

  • Get discovered by shoppers who want to send flowers in Los Angeles
  • Sell what you want at the prices you want (choose from over 600 designs)
  • Promote Florist’s Choice, so you can flex your creativity
Get discovered by shoppers who want to send flowers

Bring the in-shop experience online!

  • Patent-pending conversational experience, so you can wow your online shoppers
  • Guide customers online, just like you would in your shop
  • It’s the designer’s choice of your dreams!

Order Value

Over 50%

of orders are
Florist Choice


Order Value

It’s more than an online marketplace…

When you join Lovingly, you’re joining a floral community. We provide tools and ongoing support, like our FREE order entry system that includes:

Email - Automated post-purchase emails to build loyalty with customers

Reputation Management - Manage online reviews

In-Shop Experience Online - Exclusive conversational tool helps customers (and you) nail just the right gift

Customizable Coupons - You decide what works best for your business

Delivery Management - Printed QR codes on delivery sheets let your driver easily scan and mark orders delivered!

And when you sign up this

week, you also get:

Lovingly promotes, you profit!

$250 of advertising straight to your profile for 30 days.

It’s that simple.
We manage it, we pay for it. You get new, more profitable customers!
List(NO OG!)
We’ve dug up a list of 60+ sneaky names, websites, phones, and addresses of Order Gatherers, so you can confidently say “NO!” if they call your shop to fill an order.
We’ll send you the list when you become a Lovingly Marketplace florist.

Let’s go!


Here’s how to get started:

1. Join

Sign up here and we'll start creating your profile on Marketplace. It’s free and only takes a few seconds. (We'll also send you a "Do-Not-Answer Order Gatherer List")

2. Setup

A Lovingly representative connects with you to get you set up. We'll confirm that we have all of your details correct, then finalize setting up your account (so you can set your prices and get paid!)

3. Go!

Lovingly works its online marketing magic to attract customers. Your $250 of online advertising drives a new source of revenue with direct, more profitable orders.

Here’s what others have asked before joining!

Yes! We have an entire suite of tools that help you be successful.
It’s not just the online Marketplace you get when you sign up, you get immediate access to your florist account which enables you to take orders via phone, and for walk-ins, along with an entire
marketing toolset.

You keep 90% of arrangement costs, and get your customer data.
Lovingly profits from 10% and a modest $9.99 customer check-out fee.
This funds continued online advertising, ongoing online product enhancements, and support.

Lovingly is NOT an Order Gatherer. It’s a connection point for anyone in the US and Canada to find a local florist who can deliver a gift to their loved one. It’s a new channel to get more orders—and while we are a national brand who can compete with the big names in the industry, we have more of a farmer’s market mindset that looks to put YOU on the pedestal for the experience Lovingly customers know and love. Our shared profit structure is completely transparent—and is designed to empower you (both creatively and financially) and help local businesses thrive. Not only do we connect you with customers who may not have found you otherwise, we help you tackle a number of business marketing and tech optimization tasks—so you can stick to what you really love to do.

Lovingly has created an opportunity for local florists to beat Order Gatherers once and for all. We recognize that for the past 25 years, local florists have attempted to join forces and take back the industry—the one they started! But the deck has been stacked against you, with unfair practices from Order Gatherers and Wire Services.
Lovingly gives you an opportunity to win. With a partner you can trust, and a community of like-minded florists, we band together to compete and win against Order Gatherers. How? Every order on Marketplace is used to reinvest advertising dollars back into getting more direct and profitable orders for local florists.

Making sure your business shows up online is integral to your success. Lovingly isn’t just a way to make sure more orders come in, it’s a way to hand off some of the pesky admin tasks (like marketing, payment processing and order management) that come with running a flower shop.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?
We get it—we’re here to answer your questions via email or by phone.
You can reach out to our Partner Success Team via or calling (800) 533-1787.

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