Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom to Be

What’s the only thing worse than baby fever? Mommy fever! You’re almost there… you’re in the home stretch of your pregnancy and all of a sudden…bam! Mother’s Day hits like an overstretched elastic waistband.

It’s suddenly all around you; kids making their moms adorable finger paintings, spouses buying cards and flowers for the mother in their life, and grandmothers being showered with gifts from all sides.

Yes, Mother’s Day season is here.

Even though your bun is still in the oven, here are a few goodies you’ll definitely want to drop some hints on before your due date. And even if you’ve already had a shower… Mother’s Day is the perfect reason to be spoiled some more.

Here are the best gifts ever for moms to be! (Even your non-expecting friends are going to be jealous.)

Time Capsule Letter Kit

Image via Uncommon Goods

If watching all the mommas around you share milestones with their kids already has you in a ball on your couch ugly-crying, just thinking of your chance to do the same, this is for you!

Use Uncommon Good’s Time Capsule Letter Correspondence Kit to write down words of wisdom, thoughts, hopes and dreams for your coming baby to open when they reach certain life milestones, such as the first day of school, a first date, etc.

Big Fat Activity Book

Image via Ramshackle Glam

That really is the name of this gem. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People. What could be better than kicking your feet up with a warm cup of tea and coloring these comical pages filled with amusing satire that commiserates with you on your 40 week journey.

From quizzes to coloring pages, there’s something for your every mood… no matter how often it might change.

The Ultimate “Go Bag”

Image via Belly Bandit

What do hair ties, fuzzy socks, and a cell phone charger have in common? They’re the little things your significant other might forget to bring to the hospital for you when you go into delivery. And by might, we mean most definitely will. Thankfully the smarty-pants at Belly Bandit have got you covered!

They’ve put together the Ultimate Labor and Delivery Kit so you can focus on meeting your little one, not remembering your lotions.

Bump Box

Image via Bump Box

We all know that subscription boxes are mega popular. But have you seen this one?! Bump Box’s signature pink will arrive at your doorstep every month for a chosen amount of time (the most popular length is 9 months, duh). Inside you’ll find an assortment of useful and indulgent products to help you through your pregnancy!

Take that, Mother’s Day! Who says being spoiled once a year is enough?

Quite possibly the coolest thing about these boxes are that they’re tailored to your pregnancy. Just enter your due date, and they take care of the rest! This way you’re not receiving week 35 compression socks before you even have a bump.

Honest Co. Diaper Bag

Remember those big, bulky diaper bags that your mom carried when she had you? They were wipeable, pvc material and had obnoxious prints on them that created an eyesore for us all. Even if you weren’t carried around with one, we think you get the picture.

Ugly, bulky diaper bags are a thing of the past!

The Honest Company has created thoughtful and sustainable products for both mom and baby and this diaper bag is no different. The Honest Everything Tote is made from PVC-free vegan leather, this diaper bag has the style of a designer bag, and the functionality of your entire diaper station!

Already have everything you need for your coming little one?


You can still be pampered this Mother’s Day, with a little bit of relaxation and a beautiful, custom bouquet.

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Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the expecting mothers out there!

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