Top 10 Boss’s Day Gifts

For the boss you actually like!

We can all admit we’ve had bosses who just weren’t our BFF’s, no matter how much we tried. 

For those of us lucky enough to actually like our boss, maybe even…LOVE our boss (it can happen!), we’ve put together a list of the best Boss’s Day gifts to give to the boss that you actually like! 

Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

1. Flowers

Flower and Boss’s Day go hand in hand. We don’t know why; they just do. 

Reason’s why sending flowers on Boss’s Day rocks:

  1. They get delivered right to the office, where they can proudly rest on your boss’s desk for all to admire. 
  2. Talk about adding life to the room! With their bright colors and lovely fragrance, they’re sure to brighten up everyone’s day.
  3. Flowers have meanings! You’ll be able to convey the exact message and sentiments you want through the flowers you choose. No worrying about giving an inappropriate gift by mistake (we’ve all been there)! 

Flower Encylopedia

Lovingly's central location for the seemingly endless world of flowers!

Looking to save some cash? Make it a group effort! Go in on an arrangement with your fellow team members or some work buddies. 

Shop Local, Shop Lovingly

Show your boss how much you care with a handcrafted arrangement made just for them.

2. Out to Lunch

Nothing breaks up the day better than a nice Out to Lunch rendezvous. 

And to celebrate your boss, of course… 

Again, make this a group effort! Band together with your teammates and head out to lunch!

In the midst of your busy season? Make it a DoorDash lunch-in, or a nice dinner for your boss and their significant other whenever they please.

3. Sweet Treat

Is yours a boss with a sweet tooth?

Have a basket of goodies from a local bakery delivered right to their desk! 

Pro-Tip: Make sure you’re nearby when they’re delivered so you don’t miss out…you know, should they be in a sharing kind of mood. 😉

4. Coffee, Hot & Ready

Very few things on this Earth can compete with a hot cup of Jo on your desk when you arrive for work.

Pick up your boss’s favorite brew on your way in, and you’re sure to make their day.

5. Mug or Tumbler

While you can of course give a mug you know they’ll actually love, it’s always fun to make these a bit silly. 

This ‘My Favorite Employee Gave Me This’ travel tumbler is a hilarious gift from a boss who’s like a friend (or a boss who truly doesn’t like you too much—use with caution). 

6. Out for Drinks

Since Boss’s Day falls on a Saturday this year (we know, bummer), it makes the perfect excuse for Friday drinks after work! 

Get a group together and head out on the town for Happy Hour festivities!

7. A Good Bottle of Vino

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine?

Figure out your Boss’s favorite blend, tie a cute little bow around the neck and leave it on their desk for a nice, pre-weekend surprise!

8. Virtual Office Games

What boss doesn’t love a good team-building session?

Sign your team up for a virtual team bonding event including trivia, mini-competition, and more! 

Perfect if you’re still lucky enough to be working from home. 

9. Cookie Bouquet

Is your boss not much of a flower fan?

Send a cookie bouquet instead! 

Cookies By Design has plenty of different bouquets to choose from for every cookie lover. 

10. Surprise Virtual Happy Hour

Schedule a decoy meeting on your boss’s calendar and invite the whole team!

What they think is just an end-of-the-day sync is really a chilled-out, virtual happy hour just in time for the weekend!

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