Valentine’s Day Gifts for a New Boyfriend

New boo? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be deciding on a gift for him before you’ve decided how you feel about him!

Our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for your new boyfriend will help you find something unique and not too expensive to make a statement that’s thoughtful—but not overly sentimental.

Wilderness Survival Book $15-$20

Camping in the wilderness

Is your boyfriend convinced that he alone would survive the zombie apocalypse?

Of course he is.

Help him live his best Bear Grylls life while preparing for survival with the 320-page How to Stay Alive in the Woods, a complete guide to foraging wild food, building a shelter, signaling for help, and other self-preservation basics.

If he’s less MacGyver and more back-to-the land, something with old-world traditional Wildwood Wisdom might be up his alley. Explore a few options from these 7 Survival Books Handpicked by a US Marine to zero in on what suits him best.

Retro Phone Receiver $28

Operator, could you help me place this call?

The nostalgic techie boyfriend will love this retro phone receiver from Huffington Post’s gift guide.

Hilarious, twee, and totally fun to use on video calls, the antique metal and wood grain receiver plugs into any 3.5mm jack via a curly spiral cord, so he can call you up from his phone or laptop to tell you Lassie saved Timmy from the well.

Beard Balm $19

Man with beard

We are living in an age of epic beards.

Help your man step up his beard game with a balm or oil to soothe split ends, tame flyaways, and thwart dry, itchy skin.

Did we mention it’ll make him smell good too?

And beard burn? The dreaded make-out chafe? Kiss it goodbye! Shhh, this one is just as much a gift for yourself as for him.

If he’s got shorter scruff, opt for a beard balm like the ones listed in Cosmo’s list of What to Get Your Guy for Valentine’s Day, Based on How Long You’ve Been Dating. Made from organic ingredients, they come in delectable scents like Black Pepper and Vanilla Sandalwood.

If he’s reaching Gandalf proportions, a beard oil will serve him better. Check out GearHungry’s 15 Best Beard Oils in 2018 for a variety of options with burly names like Bossman and Viking Revolution.

Handheld Pac-Man Game $25.95

Whether he spent his youth pumping quarters into arcade games on the boardwalk or just has a retro style and sensibility, this Pac-Man game is sure to please.

Listed in Buzzfeed’s gift guide for new boyfriends, the game stands upright like a tiny arcade game—cute!!—and is complete with a start/pause button, tiny joystick, and volume controls.

If he’s got more of a space brain than a Power Pellet gut, this game sold by Urban Outfitters also comes in Space Invaders, Tetris, and other nostalgic options.

Smartphone Projector $16


Grab your phone and some popcorn, and turn any cozy locale into a cinema experience.

This smartphone projector magnifies the image on your screen 8x and projects it onto a wall. Now you can indulge in an private horror film fest with your cuddle buddy, or just amp up your evening YouTube giggle sesh.

Find this in Seventeen’s guide for choosing a “non-lame” Valentine’s gift for your guy.

Bacon Flavored Toothpicks $9

Who doesn’t love bacon??

Both a gag gift and a functional one he’ll love, bacon flavored toothpicks hit a low price point and are great for the goofball boyfriend.

Find these and other original ideas in the SheKnows gift guide for new boyfriends.

Air Plant Jellyfish School $8-$33

Airplant in glass globe

These funky little air plants make a great conversation starter for his apartment or office. Each plant is tucked inside an alphonse sea urchin, creating a piece of sculptural artwork.

He can enjoy the “jelly fish school” after hanging them from his ceiling with the included hardware.

With truly minimal care required—just a little sunlight and a misting a few times per week—even the boyfriend with no pets or plants to his name should be able to handle this one.

Search Etsy or Amazon for a slew of sets and individual “jellyfish” at totally reasonable prices.

Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse $99

Bamboo keyboard gift

For the 9-to-5 man, this wireless keyboard and mouse set will cozy up a dreary office and bring a little personal flair to the space.

If he’s plugging away on his novel at home, it’ll help ease him into that Henry David Thoreau mindset.

Made of 100% bamboo, the set is compatible with most tablets, phones, and computers.

This unique find is one of 43 great ideas for men in a Valentine’s Day gift guide from Real Simple.

4 Ports USB Red Roses $10.75

With USB red roses in a flower pot from the HuffPost list of gifts for your new boyfriend, you can nod to the romance of the holiday without getting too sappy—and while giving him something he’ll actually use.

Connect Mac or Windows devices using 4 ports with a hi-speed data transfer rate and make your love connection!

Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag $30

Duffel bag gift for men

Dreaming of future weekend getaways together?

Drop the hint with this affordable, water-resistant weekender bag made of durable Dragon Nylon.

It fits perfectly as a carry-on and has a handy shoe compartment that’s wooed hundreds of Amazon reviewers.

If you’ve got wilderness locales on the brain, throw in the ultra-lightweight Zomake packable backpack for day hikes—or simply to carry souvenirs home in.

Both can be found on New York Magazine’s Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Man (That You Can Buy on Amazon).

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