Holiday Decorating with Tips from Local Florists

That magical time of year is officially HERE and we’ve been taking full advantage.

This holiday season, we’re getting All Decked Out! 

We’re talking holiday tips for the home, office, and storefront.

Plus, an exclusive look at some of our Lovingly Momentmakers’s expert decor techniques.

Without further ado...

1. Lighting is Everything

Candles, twinkly lights, warm tones—the more the merrier.

Plug-in dimmers are also a super cool way to set the mood in any space.

Small, simple touches go a long way when it comes to the overall vibe of your home, especially during the holidays!

2. Freshly Baked Cookies

No, a cookie-scented candle just won’t do.

Freshly baked cookies and the holidays go hand in hand, and no one can tell us otherwise!

Stepping into someone’s home during the holidays, letting that sweet aroma hit your senses, and anticipating that beautiful moment you get to devour one (or two or three)…you just can’t beat it. 

3. Less is more...sometimes

Now, this won’t always apply. But depending on your decor and design pieces, the simple route may be for you.

While the holidays are usually all about extravagance, you don’t want to go overboard, especially if you’re choosing bold, loud pieces—the last thing you want to do is distract your guests from your favorites.

4. It's a family affair

At the end of the day, the holidays are for celebrating family.

Don’t do all the decorating on your own!

Include the whole fam, friends, pets, you name it.

Make it fun! Have cookies baking while you decorate, crank up your favorite holiday tunes, or pop on your favorite festive film to play in the background.

Have kids? Let them decorate their bedrooms for the holidays. They can choose whatever they want (whether it’s holiday-themed or not)!

5. Themes Galore

The best part about theme decor during the holidays is there are so many different themes to choose from—and so many ways to make it your own.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out this holiday, picking a theme and running with it is the way to go.

You can keep the same theme throughout your entire house or choose a different theme for each room, like our Partner Florist’s over at Prestige Floral Studio in Summerside, PE. 

The world is your oyster!

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Now for a few of our favorite themes...

Cabin Fever

Rustic cabin decor during the holidays?

Overdone? Perhaps.

Still love it? Absolutely.

Think Cabin in the Woods meets a cheesy holiday romance novel, and you’ve got yourself a winner

A blue...but not too blue Christmas

If you’re looking for something elegant, rich, and unique—a blue Christmas might just be for you.

Focus on sparkly golds and deep blues. Even try out some blue-hued lights.

Really want to go all out? A blue tree with white and blue lights is a fab choice for the holidays.

8. Snowy White

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Aren’t we all! 

If you’re looking for classic holiday vibes, a snowy white theme might just be for you.

Whites and off whites are going to become your new BFF. 

Pro Tip: To keep things from looking flat and lifeless, be sure to incorporate different shades of white and plenty of different textures.

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When in doubt...

Check out Elegant Florist on social:

We want to see your holiday decor masterpieces!

Post a pic of your home, office, or storefront All Decked Out for the Holidays on social media and tag us @givelovingly! 

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