Holiday Home Decor Favorites

‘Tis the season to be jolly and full of cheer—oh and decorate, of course.

Anyone else already started decorating!? (Please tell us we’re not the only ones). 

With so many different holiday decorations on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to find exactly what you want.

Which is why we’ve narrowed it down for you. 

Check out some of our favorite holiday decor ideas we know you'll love too:

Holiday Flowers

There’s never a better time to have fresh flowers around the house than during the holiday season!

Not to mention, there are so many different themes and color schemes you can choose to really make it your own 

  • Traditional reds, greens, and golds
  • Artfully layered greens and berries
  • Neutral creams mixed with deep purples for a nice relaxing contrast 

As the weather begins to drop – what’s more festive than fresh seasonal blooms & the smell of evergreens?

Fresh Evergreen Garland

So there’s evergreen garland, and then there’s fresh evergreen garland. 

Just take a minute to imagine the smell of fresh evergreens gently tickling your senses as you walk down the stairs – no need to light a candle – no need for a pine scented air freshener – we just want the good stuff. 

If you’re dying to get your hands on some, click here to find a local florist near you & check out their availability!

Pro tip: A nice DIY idea for both kids and adults – decorate your fresh evergreen garland with red berries, lights, ribbon, the possibilities are endless. Make it fun!

It's Wreath Season!

No need to repeat ourselves – everything we said about fresh garland, we can say for evergreen wreaths! 

What’s even better? A lot of local flower shops or garden shops do seasonal holiday wreath workshops – that’s right, you can create your own personal fresh evergreen wreath to hang proudly on your door! This is another festive activity to do with your kids, friends, parents – you name it!

If your local florist isn’t hosting a workshop this year – order a live wreath to take home and decorate!

Make a day out of it! 

  • Snacks
  • Holiday tunes
  • Drinks
  • Plenty of glitter

All of the necessary ingredients to a rockin’ festive day, if you ask us!


We know, we know Poinsettias can be a bit overrated, but hear us out.

Often, we think of Poinsettias, and we imagine bright red blooms in a festively wrapped pot.

But Poinsettias don’t just come in red!

We’re talking:

  • orange
  • pale green
  • cream
  • pink
  • white
  • marbled

And they can be used in a lot of different ways too – on their own or arranged in a flower arrangement for an extra holiday pop! 

Tree Toppers

If you’re family fancies putting up a tree during the holidays, you’re going to need a tree topper.

Here are some of our all-time favorites:


Tree ornaments are a holiday staple – whether you put up a Christmas tree or not!

There are so many ways to decorate with these cute little baubles, and there’s never a shortage of them to choose from. 

We’ll start off with a couple of fun one’s:

Ok, now onto something a little more traditional:

We love a pale green & gold combo. 

Fun Holiday Pillows

Santa Claus is coming to town, so get your pillows ready! 

You know, in case he wants to take a quick nap to break up his journey?

Anyway, this festive Santa Pillow may be from Pottery Barn Kids, but we don’t really care – we’re soo getting it anyway.

If you want something a little less playful and a little more modern, this Ho Ho Ho Embroidered Pillow cover is where it’s at. With a lovely script font and beaded details, this pillow cover will add both comfort and joy to your home.

Holiday-ify Your Office

For many, working in an office setting has its perks – one of them being Holiday decorations!

For us here at Lovingly, we are unfortunately unable to be in-office together for the time being, but that is certainly not going to stop us from decorating our home workspaces! 

Whether you’re working from home or working in-office, these super fun and creative office decor ideas are sure to bring a little touch of holiday cheer to your day-to-day! 

  • First things first, wrapping fairy lights or Christmas lights around the legs of your desk is SUCH a fun idea and almost too easy.
  • This Tabletop Tree by West Elm  is the perfect size to replace (we know, we know, it’s just for the season) your trusty desk plant. 
  • Want to kick it up a notch? (And really don’t want to give up that fresh live plant that’s made its home in the corner of your desk?) Check into ordering a Norfolk Island Pine from your local florist!  They look like mini pine trees but get this: they last all year long! SCORE! 

Ok, now for the fun part.

Go forth and decorate! But don’t forget to share your beautifully holiday-ified spaces with us on Instagram & Facebook! We’d love to see what you create! 

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