Top 10 Spring Flowers

Spring is in the air and we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve put together the top 10 spring blooms that are sure to help you switch from winter mode to spring mode in no time!

So first, let’s relax and smell the flowers…

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Gardenias!! We’re talking hope; we’re talking trust; we’re talking clarity & dreams!
Gardenias are famous for their lofty white blooms and leathery leaves, and, let’s be honest, they just look too exquisite on your kitchen table to pass up.

Oh, snap! We could never forget about snapdragons!

Our favorite part about these beauties is their majestic height and their unique mix of colors on every bloom! A spring-time must-have!

8. Lavender

Who doesn’t want to stop and smell the…lavender!?

These might just be the best smelling flower there is…but maybe we’re slightly biased.

These look earthy and chill on their own or make a beautiful addition to any spring bouquet!

Just when winter starts to feel like an endless purgatory – BOOM – here come the lilacs! 

This fragrant favorite welcomes spring in with open blooms (get it?).

Perfect for the garden, in a vase, or a sprig tucked behind the ear (don’t tell us you haven’t done it too).

Who doesn’t love the look of these unique spring blooms?

What’s better? They symbolize royalty and date back to ancient Egyptian times. If you’re looking for a way to make your home feel like a palace or make your bestie feel like royalty – Iris is the word. 

Obviously, daffodils are making their grand appearance coming in at number 5 on our list; this is a spring flower blog, after all!

Not only are they sunny and beautiful, but they’re so easy to care for and grow!

Not only are hyacinths used in the celebration of the Persian New Year, but their blooms are indicative of the beginning of spring.

Once you see the first blooms of hyacinth, you know spring is here to stay.

Some may say the tulip is the epitome of spring… those people would be correct!

We think spring, we think of these beauties.

(Not to mention, tulip petals are edible & can be used as a substitution for onions…say whaat??)

2. Freesia

Known for their bright colors, long vase life and oh, so sweet scent, freesia are a top spring favorite and the perfect addition for any bouquet, big or small!

Coming in white, cream, yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender and purple, there are endless opportunities for these lovely little blooms!

1. Anemone

There are so many different varieties of anemones; with their unique wildflower looks and delicate poppy-like shape, anemones are not just a spring favorite but an all year-round favorite! 

Their top talents include adding a unique-wild-like twist to any and every arrangement they’re in!

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