Why Shop Local? Top 5 Ways You Can Support Local Business

All around the country, local businesses, organizations, and whole communities have taken the initiative to band-together and come up with unique ways to support each other.

Despite forces of division trying to tear us apart, we’ve seen local unity and local pride in a way we’ve never seen before.

Local businesses are the beating heart of every community. They are vital to the survival of our economy and inspire growth, innovation, and fellowship to residents. Local economies depend on them to provide employment, create opportunities, and shape communities.

They have emotional ties and form somewhat of an alliance with their communities. They are family, friends, and neighbors; sharing in victory, hardship, pain, and joy. 

What does this mean, exactly? It means they care. Small business owners know their customers personally and support their community daily. Often, it is a family business, passed down for generations, with relational ties that go back just as far. Our local businesses depend on loyal local consumers.

So what are some easy ways you can help?

1. Don't Cancel

Let’s say you purchased tickets for a play or a local concert that you can no longer attend. Before requesting a refund, consider instead using it as a donation towards the business or organization holding the event! 

For an organization that relies on community events, the inability to do so can be crippling. 

2. Buy Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a perfect way, not only to support your local business but also to uplift your friends, family, and even co-workers. Whether it’s a local restaurant, clothing boutique, or florist, this is a fool-proof way to support your community while also making a friend’s day!

Want to send flowers? Head on over to lovingly.com for a unique guided-gifting experience you and your friends will love!

3. Buy from Local Businesses

Before running straight to Amazon or Walmart to buy that weighted blanket you’re dying to get your hands on; instead, do some research and ask around to see if any local shops are selling what you’re looking for. If your favorite local shop does not have an online store, consider giving them a call to see if they are offering any alternatives!  

This also goes for local farms, grocers, and growers. Instead of shopping at your local grocery chain for every item you need, consider saving little bits and pieces of your grocery list for a local farm stand or butcher shop.

4. Don’t Forget About Deliveries

Your favorite local business, whether it’s a restaurant, brewery, coffee shop, clothing store, or bookstore may still be offering delivery or pick up options! Get some fresh coffee and the latest bestseller delivered right to your doorstep for the perfect relaxing Saturday morning!

5. Social Media Shoutouts

Be uplifting!

 Leave an awesome review supporting your favorite local business. Try a great new local restaurant? Receive a fresh bouquet of flowers from your best friend? Tag the shop in your Instagram story along with that to-die-for looking burger and vibrate blooms! Spread the word to your friends, family, and neighbors about how great their product is!

What Have We Done to Help?

These small adjustments made in our everyday life, hold power to impact our community drastically. 

In the world of small business, being adaptable and having the ability to roll with the punches and change course at a moment’s notice is essential, especially in times such as these. To do so, they need the support of their community.  

A small local business ourselves, Lovingly immediately paused our 2020 product roadmap and focused our entire team toward creating features and services to help everyone during this confusing era of COVID-19. 

Lovingly’s guided-gifting experience shares the magic of the in-shop experience with the online world while providing an injection of revenue through add-ons and virtual shopping modes to help Lovingly-affiliated florists now and in the future. 

To show the impact Lovingly's updates have been during COVID
To show impact of Lovingly's COVID updates on local florists
To show impact of Lovingly's COVID updates

What Have Others Been Doing to Help?

Many other local businesses and organizations across the country have also stepped up to the plate to support one another. 

Mad River Distillers in Warren, Vermont has begun producing hand sanitizer by re-distilling their product and giving it away for free as a part of their weekly Mad River Valley giveaways. 

University of Southern California seniors Claire Monro and Claire Fisher have taken the initiative to raise money for local businesses like Three Brothers Bikes, Caveman Kitchen, and El Huero, by creating and selling T-shirts. 

All proceeds from shirt sales go directly to these 3 local businesses. 

In upstate New York, many restaurants, distilleries, and chefs are now creating virtual experiences (and yes, that does include virtual wine tastings). Organizations such as, Agnes Devereux Catering, Applewood Winery, and Baldwin Winery are all offering unique virtual experiences!

Well, we know what we’re doing this weekend! 

Let’s get creative and go local! 

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