How to Survive the Week Before Your Wedding

The week before your wedding is full of so much excitement and joy!

As the final week before your wedding approaches, you may be starting to wonder if you have everything ready to go. No worries, Lovingly is here!

After talking with our friends at ThirdLove, we decided to put together the ultimate checklist for surviving the final week.

Finalize All the Last Minute Details

Wedding chairs that say Forever and Always

When you’re spending several hours constantly reviewing the little details of your wedding, it’s common that you might overlook something.

Did you pick up the marriage license?

Do you have the rings? Let’s go through the list.

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a list of the most important items and details that you need to take care of the week before the wedding.

  • Have your rings cleaned and picked up from the jeweler
  • Pick up your marriage certificate
  • Finalize the seating chart
  • Complete and share your wedding day timeline
  • Write your vows and practice them out loud
  • Have bridesmaid and groomsman gifts ready to go
  • And of course, the rehearsal dinner!

Regular communication with your vendors is crucial to the success of the day.

Finalize EVERY little detail with them.

Ensure that they are aware of the time, location and schedule for the day. Also, let on-site vendors, like your photographer and DJ, know if you will be providing a meal for them.


In the week before your wedding, all questions about floral arrangements based on theme, colors, seasonality, costs, contracts, and balance due dates have long ago been settled. Your florist is not only knowledgeable about your venue, and number of guests, but has used the information well in creating your wedding flowers look.

During this week, your florist will be busy processing each bloom and checking temperatures/humidity before designing your centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and packaging everything for a perfect arrival, while keeping the overall look in mind.

Visit or call, confirm everything, and relax!


Bring your DJ a list of all of the songs that you wish to be played outside of their own selections, as well as your chosen first dance song, and mother/son and father/daughter songs. Go over the contract one last time and see if they will be in need of any equipment or extra space.



Your photographer will want to know if there are any particular poses or groupings of people that you want to be photographed. It’s also helpful to give them a heads up on any guest issues you’re aware of, as they will be interacting with your friends and family throughout the day.


If you are having plated meals served, make sure that they have received all of the RSVP cards with the guests’ choices of meals on the bottom. Remind them again of any dietary or allergy concerns that they should be aware of.

Finalize your payments with your vendors ahead of time, so you won’t have to worry about that on the day. Place the tips for each of them in separate envelopes, then  assign someone to hand them out after their services are completed. It’s also helpful for this appointed person to be your contact for all last-minute vendor questions. Print out contracts and place them in a folder for them to easily reference.

Try On Your Attire

Bride trying on wedding dress

You’ve most likely been dreaming of what you’d look like walking down the aisle since you were a little girl.

Of course, you want to look perfect!

Although you’ve had many dress fittings and adjustments made, it’s best to try your dress on again one more time. This time around, put on yours shoes and accessories to really get the full picture.

The dress may fit you differently one week than it did another, which could be due to a number of common issues. You may want to add in shapewear or a versatile strapless bra to get a smoother fit underneath the dress.

Have your maid-of-honor or your mother practice helping you put the dress on. If you have a train, make sure someone is able to bustle it for the reception, so you can dance the night away without worrying about tripping.

Groom holding silk bowtie

Practice walking around in your wedding shoes for at least a week, to guarantee that they have time to break in and won’t give you blisters.

This step is important for the groom as well!

Once you’ve picked up your tux rental, try it all on again. Make sure that nothing is too tight or loose.

Think about the accessories that you’ll be wearing that day as well.

Get comfortable in your dancing shoes, too, and if you will be wearing cufflinks, a bowtie or a tie, test them out. Make sure that you know how to properly put everything on.

Make Your Beauty Appointments

Bride in a sari-style dress posing with groom

There are many different appointments that you may need to take care of the week before the wedding.

Book them well in advance and have them done early in the week.

Don’t go for anything drastic or new at the hair salon and definitely don’t try to go a shade darker at the tanning salon.

It’s always best to stick to what you know. Keep it simple.

Make sure that you book any waxings or facials for early in the week, so your skin will have time to relax if it’s sensitive. The same goes for spray tans. Your body will need time to naturally fade into the color.

Now is the time to treat yourself to a relaxing spa day. Get a manicure and pedicure. And why not add a nice relaxing massage to melt away the stress you’ve been feeling this week?

Shampoo and style your hair the night of the rehearsal dinner and do not wash it again before seeing your hairstylist on the wedding day. Some styles work best when the hair is not freshly washed. Also, try to avoid going heavy on products that week.

Pack Your Bags

Older couple celebrate their wedding

Trust us when we say: You will not want to pack for everything the night before.

Whether it’s the wedding day itself or your honeymoon, it’s better to have everything all set and ready to go a few days ahead of time.

Prepare an emergency kit filled with essential items like toiletries, makeup and hair touch-up items, and other supplies, like a mini sewing kit or stain remover for any unforeseen incidents throughout the day.

No one wants to think anything like this would happen to them on their wedding day. However, it never hurts to be prepared for anything, just in case.

On your wedding day, you may choose to stay at a hotel. If this is the case, you will want to pack a bag for staying over. If you received any special lingerie at your bridal shower or bachelorette party, this is the night to bring them out.

Finally, if you will be leaving for your honeymoon the same night as your wedding, or the next day, have your bags ready to go.

Gather Your Décor

Outdoor beach wedding decorations

Many couples choose to create some of the decorations for their wedding. This is a great way to save a few dollars and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. This element adds more of your personalities to the wedding as well.

But requires a little extra organization to make sure it all goes well!

Be sure to separate items for the ceremony and reception.

Organize all of it into bins. Label them for where they need to go and include any special instructions on handling, delivering or setting up. This will help the process go smoothly if you have others helping you bring items to the venue.

DO NOT try to complete DIY tasks the week before the wedding. That’s a recipe for disaster.

You don’t need any extra stress during this week.

If something hasn’t been finished at this point, it’s probably better to just purchase it,  in order to better allocate your time.

Give your venue coordinator a list of items that you’ll need to be returned to you after the wedding. This might include bins, cake topper, photo frames, etc.

Having a list of these items decreases the chance of an item with sentimental value getting lost.

Rest & Relaxation

Celebration with sparklers after wedding ceremony

Now you’re ready to walk down the aisle and start the rest of your life together. It’s time for some much needed rest and relaxation for the both of you. Spend some time with your friends and family and put down the planning book!

This is your time to get excited!

This week is a good time to catch up with those who are coming in from out of town for the wedding. It’s also a good opportunity for wedding guests to get to know one another.

Try not to overdo it on the activities though. It’s important to get a good night’s rest the night before the big day.

Finally, take the time to remember why you’re doing this in the first place.

It’s such a joyous occasion to mark the start of your new life together. Look around at all of your loved ones here to celebrate with you.

Take the moment in.

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